Hyland's Motion Sickness - 50 Tablets

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Hyland's Motion Sickness Tablets Are A Homepathic Remedy Designed To Give You Relief From Nausea And Dizziness Related To Motion. From Car Sickness To Sea Sickness, Our Formula Is Safe For Children And Adults And Helps Make Traveling More Bearable. This Box Contains 50 Tablets Of Our Motion Sickness Relief Formula.

Ingredients: Lactose,nf,nux Vomica 6x Hpus Purpose Sour Stomach &amp, Nausea Tabacum 6x Hpus Purpose Sick Headache With Nausea,vomiting Petroleum 12x Hpus Purpose Nausea,dizziness Cocculus Indicus 30x Hpus Purpose Nausea,dizziness,vomiting

Storage: Store at room temperature

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