Suckerpunch Gourmet Bread & Butter Pickle Chip Pouch 3.4 Ounce Size - 12 Per Case.

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Bread & Butter Pickle Chip Pouch
At SuckerPunch Gourmet, we believe in Pickles Done Differently! So we've put our delicious, knockout pickle chips into a pouch! That means you can enjoy SuckerPunch pickles on the go: put them in your hiking bag, your laptop bag, or a school lunchbox. We still pack our signature spice flavor, short and simple ingredient lines, and high-quality cucumbers into this savory snack!

Ingredients: Fresh Cucumbers, Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Natural Flavor, Calcium Chloride

Allergens: Not Available

Storage: Refrigerate after opening

  • Vegan Gluten Free No HFCS

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