G&l Cracker Meal Medium 1-25 Pound Kosher 1-25 Pound

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Medium grind cracker meal
Cover all your fried foods with our Cracker Meal-Medium. Featuring a rounded shape, this medium granulation breading gives full coverage to moist foods in one step. Or get thicker coverage with one of our PreDipt coatings before breading. Cracker Meal-Medium can also be used as a binder or filler in meatballs, meatloaf, hamburgers, etc. This breading fries up with a crisp texture and is specially formulated to resist oil absorption.

Ingredients: Bleached Wheat Flour. Contains Wheat

Allergens: Not Available

Storage: Shelf stable under clean, cool, dry cereal storage conditions and away from high humidity.

  • Medium granulation.
  • Can be used as a fry coating or a binder/filler.
  • Neutral flavor profile pairs well with any fried application.

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