Golden Dipt Bread Crumbs Japanese Fine 1-25 Pound Kosher 1-25 Pound

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Fine granulation panko bread crumb
Fine granulated panko is ideal for applications that require a great crunch but not necessarily the extreme crumbly appearance that a coarse crumb delivers. This includes smaller pieces of food like calamari and other bite size dishes. The fine granulation produces a crispy, yet delicate, finer texture versus a more coarse bread crumb. Fine panko is also the perfect choice if you want to add a little added crunch to flour based coatings. Simply mix it into your favorite flour based breading for a completely new texture and increased hold time.

Ingredients: Bleached Wheat Flour, Dextrose, Yeast, Salt. Contains Wheat

Allergens: Not Available

Storage: Shelf stable under clean, cool, dry cereal storage conditions and away from high humidity.

  • Fine granulation.
  • Neutral flavor.
  • Golden brown fry color.

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