Beets Libby Fancy Diced 104 Ounce Size - 6 Per Case.

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Libby's Diced Beets
EXCEPTIONALLY DELICIOUS TASTE: Our Beets are washed, diced and combined with just the right amount of seasoning for a delicious earthy flavor and vibrant Ruby Red-Purple color. NATURAL GOODNESS: Beets are made with beet root with the earthy flavor you love and a deep vibrant ruby red-purple color. A delightful flavor stands ready for your favorite recipes like Savory Beets & Quinoa. SIMPLE LABEL: Only Beets, Water and Salt. No Preservatives. GROWN & MADE IN THE USA: These Beets are Grown & Made in the USA. Cultivated in the U.S. heartland by multi-generational U.S. farmers on family-owned farms located in the fertile regions of primarily Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Upstate New York. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Packaged in recyclable steel cans made with a Non-BPA lining (can lining not intentionally made with BPA). Please recycle.

Ingredients: Beets, Water, Salt.

Allergens: Not Available

Storage: Store at ambient temperature. Avoid freezing or prolonged storage above 90 F and below 40 F with no more than 50% humidity.

  • Libby's Diced Beets
  • Earthy Flavor
  • Always Farm Fresh
  • Made in the USA
  • Always Delicious

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