Swanson Natural Chicken Broth 49 Ounce Size - 12 Per Case.

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Swanson believes in inspiring creativity through cooking. To support this, we've built a line of broths and stocks that serve as the perfect backbone of your culinary canvas. As chefs, we know that you don't always have time to make homemade broths and stocks. We're happy to supply you with an alternative that uses the same high-quality proteins, vegetables, and flavorful seasonings so you can concentrate on other details. We make our broth the same way you do-by cooking chicken meat and bones slow and low to develop robust flavor. Add ginger, garlic, and other aromatic spices, and you have the perfect shortcut to delicious ramen. Simmer tender pieces of chicken with carrots, celery, onions and drop biscuits for honey chicken and dumplings. Keep your restaurant pantry stocked with our broths to make your culinary life a little easier and just as delicious.

Ingredients: Chicken Stock, Contains Less Than 2% Of: Salt, Yeast Extract, Flavoring, Chicken Fat, Chicken*, Garlic Extract. *dried

Allergens: Not Available

Storage: Min Product Lifespan from Production: 730 Days. Minimum Temperature: 65 Fahrenheit. Maximum Temperature: 80 Fahrenheit.

  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Made with a rich and savory chicken stock that tastes like it's simmered on the stove all day.
  • LABOR SAVER: Cooking broths from scratch is a time-consuming process. Our broths offer homemade flavor in an instant without the hassle of doing it yourself; simply heat and use in your favorite dishes.
  • VERSATILE BASE: One of the most widely used ingredients; broths add depth in flavor when used in place of water for making soup, stew, sauce, rice, potatoes, or gravy.
  • MENU INSPIRATION: Baste your roasted turkey for a delicious Sunday special, or use as a base for chicken noodle soup to add to your seasonal lunch menu - the options are limitless.

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